Monday, December 26, 2016

4 Indian Men Arrested After US Tourist Accused Them of Rape

Indian police say they’ve arrested four men on suspicion of raping an American tourist who came to New Delhi alone earlier this year, in another incident of sexual violence to stir outrage.

Police Officer Rakesh Kumar says the suspects — a tour guide and his associate, a car driver and a hotel worker — were arrested Monday.

The woman said in her police complaint that the four men raped her after she was drugged in a hotel room in April. They denied the accusations.

The woman went back to the U.S. and registered a complaint through an email to New Delhi’s police commissioner. She returned to the Indian capital earlier this month to pursue the case.

It highlights the persistent violence against women in India despite tougher laws against sexual assault imposed after the 2012 death of a young woman who was gang-raped on a bus in New Delhi.

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