Friday, December 23, 2016

Afghan Investigation Details Islamic State Destruction in Nangarhar

Afghan investigators say Islamic State (IS) fighters destroyed more than 200 houses, mostly burning them down, after seizing the Pachir Agam district of Nangarhar province for almost 45 days.

According to a government fact-finding commission, more than 4,000 families fled during that period.

Nangarhar provincial spokesperson Attaullah Khogyani told Voice of America that investigations show IS militants stole supplies from medical clinics in the area.

“During the fighting, IS armed men destroyed 230 residential houses, two mosques, one ten bedded hospital, and three schools,” Said Khogyani. “More than 200 acres of fertile land were destroyed and about 5,000 livestock were killed.”

Residents in the district say militants stole all their belongings, including clothes.

“Nothing is left, militants stripped off our beds, took our dishes, and livestock,” said Jaan Mohammad.

He said IS fighters looted the local department stores in the area as well.

IS militants attacked the Pachir Agam district almost two months ago, taking more than 70 local men as captives, authorities said. Residents say IS fighters are thought to be still holding 63 captives.

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