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Badho Bahu 9th December 2016 Written Update

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Badho Bahu 9th December 2016 Written Update

Pinki and Komal spot the thieves. Pinki gets scared. Komal tells her to catch them. Pinki and Komal chase the thieves. She asks him to keep butter down but he shakes his head. She chases him in the hall. Ajay says I told you there is more than one thief. Catch him. Thief says filmy dialogue to her. She vows to teach him a lesson. Just wait. Pinki gets scared while trying to catch thief.

Bharpayi is looking at the magazine. I wont even go out earning these clothes. How do people roam around freely? Pragya tells her not to think about that. Tell me how I look. Bharpayi compliments her. You look like a modern girl. Pragya too wants to be one of the girls in those magazines. Bharpayi tells her against it. Babu ji wont spare you then. Pragya says even Lucky Bhai will be punished this time. I bought these clothes using 10k that Lucky Bhai won in the competition. Bharpayi is shocked. These 2 small tops cost 10k? Pragya nods. They are designer wear.

Kamla ji wakes up hearing commotion. She wakes up Malti ji as well. Bharpayi and Pragya hear the sounds too. Pragya goes to change.

Raghubir ji and Ahlawat ji look from far in surprise. Ajay tells Komal to hit the thief on his head. Komal hits the thief. The pot of about to fall but Komal catches it in time.

Pinki comes out of the hiding place. She hears Ajay shouting and goes there.

Everyone is gathered in the hall. Komal beats the thief. This is the same thief who steals every year. They ask her to beat him more. Kamla ji asks Komal to remove the mask. Komal removes the mask. It turns out to be Lucky. Everyone is shocked. Ahlawat ji says Lucky steals butter. Raghubir ji says hope he does not get named butter thief Lucky. Ahlawat ji nods. Women of the house make tasty butter. It isn’t his fault. Raghubir ji agrees with him. We got saved luckily if we had been hurt like this this time. Ahlawat ji smiles. You are right. We dint caught all these years. Lucky got caught int he first time itself. Let’s go.

Komal asks Lucky if he is the same thief who steals butter since all the years. Lucky tells her to stop. Malti ji scolds Komal for hitting Lucky. Will you not spare him this way too? Kamla ji warns her not to scold Komal. She is the DIL of the house. You don’t talk to her like this. Malti ji gets sympathetic with Lucky. She hit him so bad. Kamla ji says she did her duty by catching and beating the thief. She pulls Lucky’s ear. You got punished for your mistake! Who asked you to steal butter before bhog? He tells her to stop pulling his ear. It will come out. She tells him not to steal in the house. He ends up saying sorry rudely. Rana comes there. Is everything alright? Why are you all here at this hour? His mother asks him if he was speaking like a Kumbhakaran! So much happened and you dint come out. he fumbles. Kamla ji tells him that it was Lucky who was stealing butter since years. What was amiss that you got into this? Lucky offers to tell truth to help him. Malti ji asks him to say what he means. Lucky says I got tempted. I dint know Badho will beat me for butter. She notices the pot on the floor and realises that he ate butter that she had made. She asks him if he liked. He cuts her off. What harm have I done to you that you are troubling me in every possible way? What will you take for leaving my life? She gets teary eyed. I did everything for you. I made this especially for you. Have some. He rudely tells her to keep it with her. I will die but wont eat this! Rana takes him inside. Komal looks on sadly. Malti ji begins to go but Kamla ji tells her to teach something to Lucky. Rana has not done anything like this ever. He is so nice. Malti ji agrees with her. I still cannot believe Lucky can do this. I cannot believe that he was the one who was stealing butter since years! Kamla ji boasts of her upbringing. One needs to be good to give good upbringing. What will you offer in bhog tomorrow? Your son ate everything. She goes. Malti ji looks at Komal and then goes.

Payal is in the kitchen. Shankar pats at her shoulder scaring her. She says my heart was about to fail. He says it isn’t that weak. I wouldn’t have let anything happen to you. He asks her why she seems to be so scared. Payal says I was sure some thief came in. I was looking around to find out if something is missing. Go and freshen up. I will serve food. He makes her sit. I got perfume for you. You smell really nice after using it. I got two as one was free. This is special one for husband and wife. She gets shy. Mother will see. He says she must be asleep. It ends the distance between husband and wife. He puts it on her. She loves the fragrance.

Next morning, Kamla ji and MAlti ji are discussing about Bhog. Pinki says it happened because of me. I couldn’t take care of butter. Forgive me. this wont happen again. Malti ji says you are not at fault. You are no wrestler. You are innocent like me. What can we do if Lucky is oversmart? How can we match up to him? She tells Malti not to take it in wrong way. I said truth. Komal greets them. They see pots in her hands. Komal says you would need fresh butter for bhog. I was awake all night and made this. forgive me for whatever happened. You need butter for bhog. We will distribute it like Prasad after bhog. We will use the rest in breakfast. Malti ji tells her to go and take bathe. Puja will get late. Komal tells them to go ahead. Puja shouldn’t be delayed because of me. Pinki thinks Badho wont sit peacefully and wont let me sit peacefully too. I would have to do something or I will have no place in this house!

All ladies do puja. Malti ji prays for their family’s well being and offers bhog to Lord.

Payal keeps the perfume on the windowsill. She is humming to herself as she does chores. Her husband observes her. Are you still in that mode? She holds his hand romantically but he asks for food. Don’t put perfume again. I am going to office. She smiles shyly.

Raghubir ji compliments Komal on the butter she has made. It is amazing. Ahlawat ji says you are right. Let’s eat one more paratha. Raghubir ji agrees. Komal is about to serve butter to Lucky when he looks at her pointedly. You beat me so badly at night. Do you expect me to eat this butter from your hands after what happened at night? Forget it!

Precap: Payal gives perfume to Badho. The more you will use it, the more it fragrance it will produce. Lucky ji will fall for you when you will go around him smelling nicely. Kamla ji instructs both DIL’s to put dung on the wall. Komal is doing the work. She thinks of how Bhabhi gave her perfume in the morning whereas she is working with this dung now. I will smell so bad!

Written Update by Pooja

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