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Naagin Season 2 10th December 2016 Written Update

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Naagin Season 2 10th December 2016 Written Update

Akhilesh Ahuja reminisces taunting Anksush that he should stop being joru ka gulam and get nagmani. Ankush scolds and sends him away. He then reminisces Yamini requesting for her. He asks why did she come here after killing her husband. She says she needs his help. He says e does not favor even himself without any benefit. She says she will give him nagmani’s 50% share. He asks what she needs. She says she needs a new family. Ahilesh comes out of flashback and tells Yamini that he fit her in this house and needs his share now, till then he will stay in this house. He throws shoes in air and asks her to get her slippers.

Shivangi tells Rocky that she wants to meet her friend as her friend is getting maried. Rocky says she can and does not need permission. Shivangibmeets Rudra in a restaurant and shows Ankush’s pic and says he is back as his elder brother Akhilesh, she doubts he is same. He says he will find it out. She slips and he holds her. Rocky’s friend Ishaan sees them. Shivangi does not notice him and leaves. He thinks who was with bhabhi and why did she ignore him.

Sesha asks Yamini how is her husband allive again. Yamini repeats he is Ankush’s twin brother Akhilesh Sesha asks not to lie as usual. Yamini asks her to kill him if she can. Shivangi as snake hears their conversation. Sesha as snake and Avantika as bee try to kill sleeping Akhilesh, but get hurt instead. Akhilesh wakes up and realizes that Yamini sent her puppets to kill him. Puppets go and inform Yamini that they could not kill Akhilesh.

Rocky passes by Sesha’s room, hears her crying and asks whatt happened. She says she cannnot forget him, she tired a lot, but cannot. He hugs her to console her. He gets his friend Ishaan’s call who says he wants to come there, but is worried bhabhi will ignore him again. Rocky asks why. Ishaan says he saw bhabhi in a restaurant tonight with a man, but she walked way ignoring him. Rocky thinks why did she lie that she is going to meet her friend. He ignores Sesha and leaves. Shesha says Roccky ignored her again for Shivangi.

Shivangi gives coffee to Rocky. Rocky says sugar is missing. She tastes and says it is sweet. He says it is sweet now. He asks how was her meeting with her friend. She says she enjoyed a lot and planned for shopping. He thinks why she is lying. She goes and waters a flower plant. He comes near her and water fall on him. She apologizes. He says he bathed twice today. He gets romantic. Kitni mohabbat hai tumse… in the background.

Yamini checks Akhilesh’s room to find out what is protecting him. Akhilesh comes and points gun on her. She panics. He asks what is south Indian actress doing in his room. She says she is cleaning. Their conversation continues. Yamini gets a call and says they need to go out right now. They both leave to Panchner’s haveli. Rudra waits for them. Yamini fumes seeing Rudra. Rudra says he is her relative as aghoris told he has a nagmani protective tatooo on his back and aghoris told he is nagmani’s protector. Yamini sees his tatoo and gets very greedy that he can get her nagmani now. She takes him home. Rocky fumes seeing him and says he will kill him. Yamini says he is advocate shrivastav’s son and came to help them instead in their legal aspects. She shows Rudra home office and asks him to go there. Rocky’s cousin who has crush on Rudra gets very happy seeing him. Rudra tells Shivangi how he fooled Yamini by creating a tatoo on his neck and entered this house.

Yamini gets a bag full of money from her cupboard and shows it to Akhilesh. Akhilesh asks how did she get it. She says by making fraud business transactions in Nikunj family’s name. He reminds her how he killed Shivangya’s husband Rthik. Shivangi as snake hears their conversation. She goes and informs Rudra about it. Rudra tells they have to make Yamini fight first to kill Akhilesh. Rudra turns into Akhilesh, goes to Yamini’s room and asks her to give him money bag. She hesitantly gives it to him. Outside Akhilesh’s room, Shivangi turns into Yamini and speaks over phone that money is with her and she will kill Akhilesh and will not give him a penny, forget nagmani. Akhilesh hears their conversation.

Aaliya looks at Rudra’s pics in her mobile. Another cousin watches it. Yamini enters room and cousin shows mobile. Yamini asks what is all this. Aaliya says she loves Rocky. Yamini says it is a good news, she will get them married. Aaliya gets very happy.

Akhilesh asks Yamini to give him money. She says she gave him already. Their argument starts. He says he need money by tomorrow night, else he will expose her secret. she thinks she will not give him a penny. Rudra and Shivangi watch them and think now they should kill Akhilesh. Rocky sees them together and gets suspicious.

Precap: Shivangi asks Rudra how can think of marrying Aaliya, he knows they both cannot thinking of loving anyone else. Rocky hears their conversation. Rudra and Shivangi dance during party. Rocky alleges Shivangi that she is having an affair with Rocky and gives her divorce papers.

Written Update by H Hasan

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