Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Google Enhances Searches for Spotty Data Connections

Making Google searches while on poor data connections can be a frustrating experience. Sometimes you really, really want to find an answer to some question or you are looking up, but because you’re barely out of network range, your search never goes through.

Thankfully, Google is looking to alleviate some of those headaches. In an official blog post, they reveal that they are releasing an update to searching from on your Android device. When you enter a search term while you are offline or about to lose your connection, the results will be queued and returned to your device when you re-establish an Internet connection.

This is a neat feature enabling you to queue up a bunch of searches while offline. Google states that this feature could be useful for farmers or those traveling by car or train where the connection is spotty. Google stresses that this feature will not stress your battery life and that it will only use minimal amounts of data as the results are returned as “streamlined search results”.

Furthermore, these “streamlined results” are designed to still contain all of the information you require. It appears that advertisements will still make it into your results, though that’s to be expected given the nature of Google’s business model. This feature should be available to those users running the latest version of the Google App.

Source: Google
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