Friday, January 13, 2017

Naagin 2: Avantika shocked as Shesha’s injection turns Yamini mad

Naagin 2: Avantika shocked as Shesha injects  Yamini instead of Mahishasur
The upcoming episode of Naagin 2 will witness alot of twist and turns.
Shesha makes master plan for getting naagmani from  Mahishasur.
Shesha has got injection and she says that when she will inject this into Mahishasur then he will turn mad and she will get the  naagmani.

Avantika and Yamini get really happy post hearing Shesha’s master plan.
Rocky exposes Shivangi’s naagin avatar before everyone
Shesha goes to execute her plan but when she is about to inject Mahishasur just then Yamini comes and she get injected.
Yamini turns mad and it becomes difficult for Avantika and Shesha to handles her.

On the other hand Rocky tells everyone that Shivangi is naagin she came here to kill everone.
Everyone gets stunned hearing this and they are not able to believe this fact.
It was actually Shivangi’s dream and not reality.
Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.
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