Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trump"s New York Boyhood Home Up for Auction

The value of a link to history could become evident Tuesday in New York: U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s boyhood home is up for auction.

Trump, from his birth in 1946 to age 4, lived in a butter-colored home with a beamed, Tudor-style roof in the Queens neighborhood that was built by his father, the late real estate developer Fred Trump.

It is now owned by an investor, who paid $1.4 million for it a month ago and has now put it up for auction, just as Trump prepares for his inauguration Friday as the 45th U.S. president.

The 1940 home is in a leafy residential enclave, in the same city but a world away from where Trump lives now, the gilded Trump Tower in the Manhattan borough of New York. The skyscraper also serves as the headquarters of the Trump Organization, the vast global business empire he has built over decades of deal-making, and which soon will give him the distinction of being the wealthiest-ever U.S. president.

The house being auctioned has five bedrooms, a sun room and a cozy fireplace. Trump’s one-time bedroom, a small upstairs room, is patriotically decorated for the sale, with a map of America and red, white and blue bedding.

No one knows how much the house might sell for. But one auction official, Misha Haghani, says “there’s no doubt it’s more valuable” than when it was first offered, before Trump won his upset election victory in November.

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