Thursday, January 5, 2017

US House Backs Rebuke of UN for Criticizing Israeli Settlements

The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday approved a measure rebuking the United Nations for its Security Council vote criticizing Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory. The vote was 235-188.

The nonbinding measure declared support for Israel and insisted that the United States oppose any future measures by the United Nations that are, in the words of the bill, “one-sided and anti-Israel.”

Opponents of the bill, mostly Democrats, said the measure distorted the complexities of the Middle East peace process.

The United States last month took the historic step of abstaining from a yearly council vote to condemn Israel for its settlements in Palestinian territory. In the past, the United States has used its veto, as a permanent member of the council, to keep the resolution from going through.

The move was seen as a decision by the White House to make a statement on its position regarding the Middle East as the Obama administration winds down its eight years in office.

House members were debating amendments to the bill before a second and final vote on adopting the resolution.

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