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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th January 2017 – Full Episode

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th January 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Manish asking the manager to send the diamond ring picture, the news should be in press that Goenkas is treating their bahu well. Surekha says ring has come. Akhilesh asks do you want to see. Surekha says none can see it before mahurat. Manish says its fine. Kartik asks them to come fast, its late. Priyanka teases him. Dadi says its time now, come. Mansi stumbles. Akhilesh and Suwarna hold her. Akhilesh thinks Mansi will be going in that house for the first time, I have to look after her.

Everyone make Naira ready and compliment her. Rajshri and everyone go. Gayu hugs Naira and says you got ready well, Kartik will get killed by your looks. Naira says yes, Baisa gave me this knife to ward off bad sights, if this fake nails work, Kartik will get killed.
Gayu asks her to come fast. Naira sends her pic. Kartik smiles and dances seeing her pic. Everyone laugh. Kartik stops dancing and goes to the car. Goenkas leave from home.

Naksh says welcome drinks and snacks did not come, guests will be coming anytime. Bhabhimaa says we will serve homemade drinks. Naksh says no, they want different. Bau ji asks about media. Naitik says maybe they call media always. Mohit says Toran is falling many times. Bau ji goes to fix it. Baisa asks Naitik for arranging less envelops, we have some respect or not. Naitik says fine, I will arrange more. Rajshri says Naksh looks worried. Devyaani asks her to talk to him. Baisa prays. She asks Bhabhimaa did she keep ring safe. Bhabhimaa says yes, I kept it with me.

Dadi and Manish are on the way. Dadi says world will see Goenka’s richness by Kartik’s marriage, Surekha’s brother helped us in getting that diamond, Singhanias and press should be shocked seeing it. Naitik asks a man to stay for engagement. The man says I have to go, it was Naira’s fate that you got the diamond, someone else also ordered it, but we gave it to you. Naitik thanks him.

Dadi says Naira will not imagine that we will give her such rare diamond ring. Naira talks to Akshara’s pic. She misses Akshara. Naitik and Naksh look on. Naira asks am I looking good, is makeup too much, I told Gayu. Naitik and Naksh laugh and compliment her. Naira says you scared me. Naitik and Naksh act as Kartik’s Dadi and laugh. Naitik gets emotional. Naksh says not now… everything will go fine right, I did catering of big parties, its party at home today and I m getting nervous. Naitik says everything will get fine.

Goenkas reach Singhania house. Everyone welcome Goenkas. Manish asks Naksh did he do all arrangements. Naksh says yes. Dadi introduces Priyanka to Singhanias. She says these are Maheshwari, relatives of Singhanias. Everyone look on. Kartik comes and greets them. He hugs Naksh. She talks to Gayu. She calls him jija ji. He asks her to call her just Kartik. Mishti tells rasam of pulling nose and ears. Surekha says we heard if ears are red, relation is strong. Gayu pulls his ear. Bau ji welcomes them. The toran falls over Manish and Dadi. They all get shocked.

Manish gets angry. Suwarna asks Lav and Kush why did they catch it, if anyone got hurt then. She says sorry, children did mischief. She asks them to say sorry. They say sorry. Dadi says I will scold you if you do anything again. Baisa says if children don’t do mischief, will we do mischief. Kartik looks for Naira. Gayu and Mishti ask whom are you finding. He requests them to make him meet Naira. Gayu asks him to have patience.

Dadi tells guests about the rare diamond they got for Naira. Manish asks his PR manager Verma to publicize marriage in media. Mansi takes Lav and Kush. Mansi gets tensed seeing Akshara’s pic. Naksh and Naitik come there. Akhilesh takes away Mansi and hugs her. He calms her down. Mansi says Papa, that picture…. Akhilesh asks her to be quiet. He hugs her and consoles.

Kartik asks Gayu for Naira. Gayu signs him to wait. Gayu goes to get Naira. Chu kar gai teri chuan…..plays……… Gayu teases Kartik. Naira takes blessings from Dadi and everyone. Kartik does not see her. Gayu takes Naira away. Mishti teases Kartik. Kartik looks for Naira. Gayu wishes all the best to Kartik and shows Naira. Kartik and Naira smile seeing each other. He compliments her. She smiles. Yahan wahan hai tu….plays……….. He holds her hand and they smile.

Manish sees the drinks and asks Naitik about the drinks, its not served what I said. Naksh says we ordered same drinks, that hotel did not arrange anything, its all their fault, my men are standing outside hotel since 2 hours. Manish calls the hotel and asks for their level of service, if you are incompetent, how will anyone recommend you, what will happen of your business if media knows this. He says sorry, I trusted wrong man, don’t worry, everything will be here in 15 mins. Naksh says thanks, my staff is ready, I will get that drinks served, will you taste this drink, you will like it. Manish tries the drink and likes it. Naksh says we serve this in Krishna to our VVIPs. Manish says I hope this was last mistake, we can’t afford any mistake, media is here and both families hold a name.

Lav asks Suwarna why did she lie. Suwarna says sorry, everyone forgive kids for mistakes and not elders, so I lied. They understand why she lied. She asks them to promise, she will not tell anyone. They promise and run to play. She sees Rajshri, Devyaani and Varsha. They thank Suwarna for managing things so well. Suwarna says its my son’s engagement too. Dadi asks what talks are happening.

Varsha shows the rare blue diamond Naitik ordered for Kartik. Akhilesh says how can two rings be same. Manish checks the ring and tells Surekha that this is not the ring we chose for Naira. Surekha gets tensed.

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