Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Blackburn, not Chelsea, on Man United boss Mourinho"s Mourinho"s mind

London: Jose Mourinho refused to dwell on the prospect of facing his former club Chelsea in the FA Cup quarter-finals after Manchester United negotiated a difficult fifth-round visit to Blackburn Rovers in a 2-1 victory.

Now United visit Stamford Bridge, where they have not won since 2012, although Mourinho did appear to be employing his favoured tactic of playing mind games when he discussed the draw. “I have no reaction,” Jose said.

“I have to play Saint-Etienne, I have to play the final, I have to play in the Europa League, I’ve to fight for a top-four position in EPL. So I have so many things to think about. Chelsea can think about that because they are champions. They have nothing else to play for. The FA Cup is something I believe is important for them,” Mourinho added.

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