Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Eugenie Bouchard will fly down her blind date, but wants him to plan outing

Eugenie Bouchard

Canadian tennis beauty Eugenie Bouchard is all set to honour her bet and go out on a date with US student John Goehrke.

Bouchard had predicted on social media that Atlanta Falcons would beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl on Sunday, and Goehrke, a football fan, challenged her saying she’d have to go out with him if the Falcons lost. They did, and now Bouchard is set to keep her promise.

John Goehrke

“I was too confident. I just tempted fate a little too much. I was with my brother and my mum and they kept looking at me like, ‘oh, you might have to go on a date,’ and like making fun of me. I just couldn’t believe it could actually happen, so I was in complete shock,” the 22-year-old was quoted as saying by Australian website, The New Daily.

“I’ll fly him out (to a tournament), but he has to be the gentleman and organise a fun date night,” added the World No 45.

Meanwhile, Goehrke is ecstatic. “I’ve been a big fan of hers for a couple of years now. I thought maybe there was a chance she’d respond, but I thought there was no chance she’d actually agree to it (date),” he said.

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