Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ex-ICC umpire Daryl Harper undergoes cancer-related surgery in Australia

Umpire Daryl Harper

Former International Cricket Council (ICC) umpire Daryl Harper underwent a cancer-related surgery in Australia on Wednesday. The surgery was performed at Adelaide’s Ashford Hospital by Dr Jimmy Eteuati.

Speaking from his hospital bed, Harper said: “I had a three-hour bowel cancer operation. The surgeon removed 60 cm of my colon. I am currently recovering in hospital.” Harper’s wife Maureen added that her husband will be required to stay in hospital for the next three to four days.

The Australian umpire has a reason to break the news about his surgery to Indian media. “I have a medical connection to India after becoming a blood donor for the first time at the CMC Hospital in Vellore in 2008. I was moved to donate blood after enjoying a tour of the hospital, originally founded by American doctor Ida Scuddera,” Harper explained.

“My blood was used within 24 hours during two operations to assist two locals. I advised hematologist Dr Daniel to closely monitor the progress of those patients and look out for any bizarre behaviour,” he added.

The 66-year-old Harper officiated in 95 Tests, 174 ODIs and 10 T20s.

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