Monday, February 27, 2017

Gary Linekar"s ex-wife Danielle Bux expecting a baby

Danielle Bux. Pic/Facebook

Former England footballer Gary Linekar’s ex-wife Danielle Bux is expecting a baby with her new boyfriend Nate Greenwald (above right). The 37-year-old beauty parted ways with the Match Of The Day host in January last year. Subsequently, Bux fell for US lawyer Greenwald (41) last year itself and moved in next door to him in Los Angeles.

Nate Greenwald

According to The Sun, Bux is over the moon and feels she’s been given a second chance at love with Greenwald. “She is thrilled and so excited she’s pregnant. She’s been keeping it a secret until she was over 12 weeks but now she’s telling family and friends.

Gary Linekar

“It’s nice because Gary (right) never wanted to have kids with her. That was one of the reasons they broke up. So she thought she might have missed her chance to have any more kids,” a source close to Bux said.

However, Linekar and Bux still remain friends. “Gary couldn’t be happier for her. He thinks Nate is a nice bloke and has been for
dinner with them a few times,” the source added.

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