Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mountain climbing: 1st 400 World Championships Titles up for grabs

Participants at the event

Germany’s biggest natural ski jump turns into an arena for a freakishly intense combat looking for the first world champions in what is the meanest 400m competition one can imagine.

Titisee-Neustadt’s Hochfirstschanze shall be the venue for more than 1000 athletes from over 40 nations to fight for the crown in this mad mountain-running-stair-climbing hybrid.

400 meters of distance, 140 meters in altitude and up to 35° incline as fast as possible – this race guarantees to put the participants’ calves, quads and endurance to the ultimate test and makes the Red Bull 400 one of the hardest race in the world. With 03:40:01min Turkish multiple European mountain running champion Ahmet Arslan set a track record that is plain to see. He will be the man to beat in the men’s full distance race. “Of course, I’d like to become the first Red Bull 400 world champion. My training is going really well and it increases my performance. I believe I can reach my goals if I keep myself motivated and ready for the races both mentally and physically. For me, Titisee is the perfect place for the world championships; the atmosphere is incredible. I’ll be there for the title!” states the 11-time event winner.

Woman’s full distance, men’s 4x400m relay race, mixed and fire fighters add up to five official Red Bull 400 debut world championships titles to win in placid Schwarzwald, Germany.

Testing both speed and endurance, this race challenges participants with 400 metres of an up to 37-degree incline from the bottom of a ski jump, straight to the top. Don’t let the simplicity of the concept fool you, contestants will push themselves to the limit with this punishing 400m climb up on their hands and knees. Red Bull 400 comes back bigger and steeper in 2017. With 14 single events worldwide, introducing 7 new venues and the first-ever official Red Bull 400 World Championships, it continues to gain fame as the toughest 400m sprint of ones lifetime.

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