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Kasam 16th January 2017 – Full Episode




Kasam 16th January 2017 Written Episode 

Bani narrates Neha the whole story, how Rano had pushed her outside as she went to see Tanuja fell off the stairs. She then brought the police with herself. She presented the police inspector with the evidence and accuses Bedi’s an attempt to murder Tanuja. Raaj was shocked. Bani says today Raaj has proved a daughter in law can never be a daughter. She accuses the family for torturing Tanuja, hitting her with sticks, throwing boil water over her. They have accused her pointlessly. She points at Divia attempting to burn Tanuja with a hot milk. She complains the inspector this is because of not bringing dowry. Bani repeats Rano’s torturing sentences about marrying Rishi with someone else. They never allow Tanuja to call them, and keep an eye over her. Tanuja cries over the phone whenever she calls her.

And today, they all attempted to kill Tanuja. She wanted to take Tanuja back home for a few days, but Rano called her as maid. She taunted she has lend a job as maid to Tanuja. Today, when she came to take Tanuja she saw Rano pour oil over the stairs to make Tanuja fell off the stairs deliberately. Rano calls her a liar, Bani insists she is telling the truth. Rano came in the hall and called Tanuja who ran downstairs, and fell off the stairs. The inspector sends his constable to check the oil. Bani cries beside Tanuja. Bee ji comes scolding Bani for being a liar; as she is making a fool of inspector. Bani inquires why is Tanuja faint. Raaj assures they have called a doctor. Bani says had she got a little late, they must have made up another story. Manpreet tries to convince the inspector that Bani is revenging them, as they have broken their relation with Bani. The constable calls from stairs there is much oil. Raaj tries to explain, but Bani interferes here none of bribing or reference would work here. Manpreet comes to confront the inspector, who announces an arrest of everyone. Smiley had just come home, she tried to resist. Bani came to accuse Smiley as well, for torturing Tanuja. She was also dragged with everyone towards the police station. Bani tells Neha her blood had been enraged, she now got calm. Vidhi comes to announce Tanuja is in her full senses, she is insisting to speak to Rishi and can she give Tanuja her cell phone.
Tanuja walks out of the room but Bani comes concerned for her. She insists on Tanuja to go and take rest. Tanuja insists on speaking to Rishi, as he doesn’t even know what happened at home. Bani assures they will make her speak to Rishi. She asks Neha to call Rishi, and instructs her not to call Rishi by her own cell phone but by Tanuja’s. Neha says Rishi isn’t picking up the call. Bani was sure Rano must have taken Rishi to confidence. Tanuja was sure Rishi trusts her as much as she trusts him. Neha suggests about calling Rishi by landline, as he must have forgotten this number by now.

In the lockup, Bee ji and Raaj were upset. Rishi comes to meet the family. He asks what happened to them. Rano accuses Tanuja for calling Bani, and along with her she accused them all and sent them to jail. Rishi looks towards the faces of his family, everyone was silent. Rano says Tanuja warned to hurt her as well, the way she did. She tells Rishi to see what Tanuja has done to Raaj whom she called as Bauji, Ahana whom she always considered sister. She even didn’t leave the children of their family. Rishi was sure he would bring Tanuja and everything would get fine. Rano wonders why Tanuja come to take her would case back, this is what Tanuja has gifted his Bauji. Raaj tells Rishi he won’t say a word to Rano, but his heart is not ready to accept Tanuja is behind this all. Bani is behind this all, who took advantage of the situation at the last moment. He explains he is trying to understand the situation. The bail in this case is difficult, but if Tanuja comes to take the case back they might get the bail. He assures Rishi he is ready to spend any amount of money, but Rishi must hurry to get them out of jail anyway.

PRECAP: Tanuja slaps Neha warning to take Rishi’s name at all, she would forget who they are to each other. Either she would die, or she would kill her

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